Grampa's menagerie of pets are rubbed the wrong way when a needy little critter arrives in this humorous chapter book.  Grampa Bender wouldn't be able to run the Bed and Biscuit animal boardinghouse without the help of Ernest the pig, Gabby the mynah bird, and Milly the cat. These three animals have always thought of themselves as Grampa's family.  But when Grampa comes home with a mysterious bundle and stops paying attention to his loyal friends, they start to question his affections. Engaging illustrations by Noah Z. Jones, capturing every endearing trait of this blended family, complement Joan Carris's funny, heartwarming book for middle-grade readers.




Wild Times At The Bed and Biscuit features a wounded Canada goose, a cranky muskrat with an infected foot, and two starving fox kits. Grampa Bender needs the help of his wise mini-pig, Ernest, and his sassy mynah bird, Gabby. The puppy, Sir Walter the Scottie, and Milly, a teenaged pussycat, round out the cast of critters who star in a funny, touching story about the differences between wild and tame.

When a tiny, ornery chicken named Malicia shows up at the Bed and Biscuit animal boardinghouse, Ernest the mini-pig tries to be a good host. But Malicia is no ordinary chicken: she’s magic — and she’s trouble! Together with Gabby the mynah bird, Milly the cat, and Sir Walter the Scottish terrier, Ernest must find a way to show Grampa what a bully Malicia is, before she does something truly terrible!
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